Day 1!

Day 1!! I was ready to go and eager to start.

I set out to show my first act of kindness: leaving $10 at the local gas station for the next person to find.

10 AM: I pulled up to the pump and started to pump my gas. I pulled out my money and card and awkwardly help them in my hand as my gas pumped. I kept looking around hoping that no one would see me.

I did not want anyone to notice what I was doing and felt strange standing there waiting for my tank to finish filling up. The pump finally clicked off. I hastily replaced the nozzle into its cradle, taped the money to the pump, snapped a quick pic, and jumped back into my car.

I drove off with a huge smile on my face just knowing that I made someone’s day better.

12PM: I had to go to the same gas station to pick up a gallon of milk (yes the closest grocery store is 15 min away so I pay almost $5 for a gallon of milk when the situation is desperate). I was eager to see if my money was gone. I was disappointed to see that it was still there where I left it. May be people feel guilty taking something for free?

2PM: I went to the gas station again for a candy bar (but it was really to see if the money was gone yet). I crept into the parking lot feeling apprehensive. I had barely started this challenge and my moral was faltering. I peered around the corner and saw…..that the money was gone!!! YAY!!!

I hope that I made someone’s day a little better. I need to learn to just have faith that these “Acts of Kindness” will find a way to help someone even if I do  not see the end results.

All in all I think day 1 was a success, now time to think about day 2…..

1 thought on “Day 1!

  1. I think people do acts of kindness that they may not even realized lifted a persons day. I got a big “thank you” from a woman I let in front of me in line who only had one item. I wasn’t trying to be kind – it seemed natural. If you set out to do random acts of kindness it makes you feel great about the day as your eyes are opened to making someone happy – which is fun.
    Love you,

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