Day 5

Yesterday I was driving home from work, trying to beat a winter storm that was headed my way. I was going to take advice from my cousin, Brooke, and give coffee to one of the Salvation Army volunteers that stand outside of stores around this time of year.

I drove to the mall, but to my disappointment there wasn’t anyone there. I drove past a few stores and found the same problem. (Maybe they only volunteer on the weekends?) I started home wondering what I could do as the rain started dropping and the temperature continued to drop.

That is when I passed SpeeDee oil change. I had been there a few weeks before for an oil change and was very impressed with their service. They were quick, reasonably priced, polite, and looked at my brakes for me free of charge. (I had driven a whole day with my parking brake on.) The mechanics were hard at work. They have open bays and the temperature was around 28 degrees with a light mist falling.  I swung by the Starbucks down the street and bought 4 hot chocolates. I pulled up to the store and walked in with my hot chocolate in hand. The lady at the outer was with a customer so I patently waited. While I was waiting one of the mechanics came in, looked at me, and said, “You’re back!” I was surprised that he remembered me since I spend all of 20 min there before. I explained about my blog and said that I know it is cold outside, so I wanted to bring them some hot chocolate to warm up. He shook my hand then asked what they could do for me today. I explained that I only came by to deliver the drinks.

One thing I have noticed is that people don’t really know how to respond to someone doing something nice just because. I love to see that something I could do can make someone smile.

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